Sunday, December 21, 2008

Will versus the Pigeon

On Friday, we decided to go to the Long Beach Aquarium. It was a fun filled day with our friends, thanks for the invite, Jenny, Jack, and Liam!! After chasing both kids in opposite directions (the joys of two toddlers who walk), I put will in his buggy car to enjoy a cracker. As I was helping Kate pet the stingrays, I heard a piercing SCREAM, and as I turn around this is what I see...thanks Jenny for always having your camera to capture the perfect shot! Poor little guy, but the funny thing is that Liam, Jenny's son, ran over to scare the bird away the second this picture was snapped, and Will just started laughing hysterically...I think he will forever be afraid of birds though, and I do not blame him!


krislars said...

OMG! That has to be THE best picture. Not to laugh at William's expense, but seriously, LOL funny! And your blog title is perfect! The pigeon is staring Will down! I'd be screaming too!!!! eeeek!

Hopefully this incident doesn't create a lifelong fear of feather friends (although a healthy distain for pigeons is probably a good thing).

hilarious that you got this on film!

barbatron said...

I love that I as an adult... instinctively and immediately grabbed my camera at the first vision of this Pigeon attack and yet.. my antisocial child, without missing a beat, swooped in and knew just what to do....point for the kids!...It is a great shot though ;)

krislars said...

Ha! yah...chasing birds is probably one of best kids' games ever! And to chase one away from your scared friend, well, that will make you a hero! :-)

Mel said...

HA! That is adorable!